Training Center

The HSP training center is a strength and conditioning facility for endurance athletes — and we are of the belief that everyone is an endurance athlete. We offer specialized group conditioning classes that you won’t find anywhere else in Seattle as well as indoor multi-rider cycling classes. We also offer one on one and semi-private sessions. The training center features a mix of old school and new school training equipment that was selected by Todd based on his 25 years of practical strength training experience with hundreds of athletes at every level of fitness. You won’t find rows of machines in our training center; you will find open space and an approach to training that has been helping endurance athletes just like you succeed in life and sport.

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The HSP training center offers a variety of classes designed to challenge and inspire. Our instructors are proven athletes who understand the demands of sport at the highest level and are motivated to share their experience and insight with you. more »

HSP - Professional Coaching Services for Cycling

Coaching for Cycling

Coaching is a relationship that revolves around communication and trust and we understand that athletes have many options when it comes to choosing a personal coach. HSP professional coaches offer a very distinct level of experience. Our coaches use practical knowledge, sound training principles, and the most up to date science to empower you to … more »

HSP - Performance Testing

Physiological Assessment

Zone Assessment Protocol: ZAP Since 1998 we’ve been using a specific lactate testing protocol to help establish training zones for our clients and we have used that protocol with great success. But as time goes on and the scope of sports science expands and new technologies develop that enable us to do things more efficiently … more »

Herriott Sports Performance (HSP) - Classes

Personal Training

Our approach to strength and conditioning is simple: Meet with you to understand what you want, asses your current fitness and movement ability, and create practical and measurable training protocols that prepare you to meet the demands of your life and sport. Our facility.  Our Methods. The HSP training center is not filled with rows … more »


Run Training

Private Running Coaching Sessions with Chris Johnson PT Fee per session – $100 3 session package – $250 5 session package – $425 10 session package – $750 Chris will take you through a running specific screen and develop an easy to follow training program to prepare you for a specific race or to simply … more »


Breathe Training (IMT)

Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) is exercising and strengthening the muscles we use to breathe. We don’t usually think about our breathing during training and racing until we start working HARD! The demands placed upon the breathing muscles to pump air in and out of our lungs can be enormous. Inspiratory muscle fatigue has both sensory … more »