The Pro Shop rents bicycles, race wheels, Powertap power meters, travel bags/cases, aero helmets and Rotor/OSymetric chainrings. We personally use all of the equipment that we rent and will give you recommendations and insight on what rental item will best serve your needs. All of our rentals are inspected, cleaned and re-dialed before they leave the shop. And if you decide you like the rental so much that you want to buy it, we’ll apply the rental fee to the purchase of a new one.


Disk Wheel

$150 per week

We rent disk wheels with race tires mounted.  We have HED, Zipp Lightweight and Reynolds disks in our rental fleet. There is a $15 set-up fee if we install the wheels which includes swapping over your cassette and setting up your brakes. All of our rental disc wheels have high quality race tires mounted. Below is a list of what we currently have available to rent:

HED Clincher disc wheel: $75 for the weekend (Friday-Monday)*

Details about the disc wheel can be found here.

Lightweight tubular disc wheel: $150 for the weekend (Friday-Monday)*

Details about the disc wheel can be found here.

Reynolds clincher OR tubular disc wheel: $150 for the weekend (Friday-Monday)*

Details about both disc wheels can be found here.

*Weekly rates available


Travel Cases/Bags

$125 per week (7 days)

$10 each additional day

The HSP Pro Shop carries Biknd, and Pika travel cases for your bike. Both cases are great for travel and are easy to pack and unpack and offer plenty of extra space for additional bike gear: helmet, shoes, etc. We offer bike packing for an additional $40.

Details about the Pika bike bag can be found here


Rotor/Osymetric Chainrings

$75 per week (7 days)
$10 each additional day

The HSP Pro Shop offers Rotor oval ring and OSymetric chain ring rentals.  Renting is a great way to try these revolutionary rings without full financial commitment.  We offer installation from our Master Techs for an additional $45.  If you decide to buy the rings, the installation is on us.  Rotor/OSymetric chainring rentals are 2 weeks.

Details about the chainrings can be found here.

HSP - Bike Lines - Guru

Premium Bicycle Rental

$125 per day
$75 a day 2-7 days

The HSP Pro Shop has a revolving stable of premium rental bicycles from: Specialized, and Guru in many sizes, colors and equipped with up to date components and great wheels. Rental fee includes sizing and set-up. Please call in advance to check availability.


Aero Helmets

$25 per week (7 days)

$5 each additional day

The HSP Pro Shop carries the latest Aero helmets form Giro, Bell, Kask, Louis Garneau and Specialized in all sizes and colors. Call in advance to check availability.

Details about the Giro Advantage 2 helmets here.

Details about the Bell Javelin helmet are here.



$75 per week: PowerTap G3 Alloy Wheelset
$125 per week: PowerTap G3 SES 3.4 Carbon Tubular Wheelset, PowerTap G3 46mm Carbon Wheelset

Train with power and improve your performance. HSP is a preferred Power tap dealer and we have been racing and training with powertap for over a decade.

Knowledge is power when it comes to training and racing. And the best way to quantify your training/racing effort is by measuring your output via watts. PowerTap power meters give you access to real-time performance measurement, delivering industry-beating accuracy to within +/- 1.5%. PowerTap offers you a complete power training system – from power meters to cycling computers to analysis software. Powertap wheels transmit via the ANT+ signal, meaning you can use it with any Garmin, Cateye or other computers that can use the ANT+ system.

Having a constant measure of power helps you:

  • Establish your baseline fitness
  • Accurately measure even the smallest fitness gains
  • Quantify intensity, duration and frequency – instead of guessing
  • Prevent overtraining
  • Accurately measure energy use for nutrition planning
  • Pace properly for time trials or set yourself up for a successful run

Additional details about Power tap G3 system can be found here.

All rentals come with premium tires and if you’re new to training with a meter, we’ll help you get set-up